Born in France to a French father and a German mother, I grew up immersed in both languages. I learned English and Italian at school, and during long-term stints in Italy and in English-speaking countries.


My studies included History of Art in Paris - principally the relationship between Land Art and Photography, focussing on the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude - and Culture & Media Management in Berlin. 


I then worked in Press Relations, in Paris, for the Publishing House Plon-Perrin and the art publisher Citadelles & Mazenod.


PR was fun, but it was never my ultimate ambition. And so during this time, I began reading more of the foreign literature we published, and writing reviews on those books.


Following this experience, I started work as a young publisher myself: first for L’Esprit des Péninsules with Eric Naulleau, then for Belfond with Françoise Triffaux - both extremely interesting and fulfilling experiences. It was around this time that I also received my first translation request, for Monika Siedentopf’s very moving Parachutées en terre ennemie


After a first chapter in Berlin from 1997 to 2001, I then decided to move back from Paris to my "Wahlheimat" Berlin and settled there as a freelance translator in 2009.